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“Via Bremen into the world” - our database now as a video lecture!

Under the leadership of Karl Wesling, a comprehensive database was created around twenty years ago as part of a joint project by MAUS, the Bremen Chamber of Commerce and the Bremen State Archives


created, which is now known worldwide and through which we still receive many inquiries about emigrants.
In 2020, our database was named the best European genealogical database by US Family Tree Magazine. We are pretty proud of that!
In the photo you can see the many volunteers, the “Aus-Wanderer-Mäuse”, with the help of which this pioneering project was able to be completed at the time.
At the request of the organizers of the IGGC, Karl Wesling gave two lectures in German and English on the Bremen passenger lists in 2021,

which were broadcast around the world and, as expected, met with great interest. Now he has made both recordings and the lecture texts available in Deutsch and English for anyone who is interested. Thank you very much, Karl!

More information about the passenger lists can be found here.